Dr. Rahul Kackar

( Functional Medicine & Diabetes Reversal Expert.
Mindfulness & Longevity Coach )

Decades of practicing medicine has led me on a journey to ever deepening discoveries of the root causes of both wellness and disease. The question has always been for me, and I ask this now of you; exactly what nutritional deficiency, toxin, metabolic defect, infection, allergy, neurotransmitter or hormonal imbalance, psycho-emotional conflict and/or genetic predisposition do I/you NOT want to know about, that could be contributing to or causing your symptoms and problems? For me the answer has always been; I want to know about every one that I can test for and address in a rational way, and this is why I routinely test for those risk factors and spend a great deal of time piecing together the unique biochemistry of each patient. I am not comfortable with not knowing and guessing and I am not satisfied until I can find the answers. My faith in science compels me to believe that medical and psychiatric disorders “don’t just happen,” that magical forces don’t make people sick, and that causes for many disorders can be found if our technology is up to the task and I can be diligent enough to find the answers. My motto has always been, “If you don’t test, you’ve guessed.” Decades into this journey, I now find it hard to imagine how many chronic medical or psychiatric disorders could not be eliminated or at least significantly modified, if one embarks on a thorough search through the 1000’s of potentially causal nutritional, immune, infectious, allergic, psycho-emotional, metabolic, energetic, hormonal and genetic risk factors, followed by precisely targeted treatments designed to address each risk factor. It does not matter what other kind of healthcare treatment you use, integrative, holistic, psychotherapeutic or conventional, or what kind of medical or psychiatric challenge you face. Finding and correcting the root molecular causes can only improve your outcomes.

 I proudly represents the third successive generation of physicians, aiming at root cause resolution approach to chronic illnesses and enhancing longevity . After graduating from Nagpur University , I completed my DNB medicine training from Jaslok hospital Mumbai and then did MD medicine from University of Seychelles , subsequently did post graduate program in Rheumatology from John’s Hopkins University and then to address the root cause of chronic lifestyle diseases did IV therapy and Endocrinology certification courses from American academy of Anti aging Medicine, USA. i have also  been awarded Board Diploma in Anti-Aging Medicine with greatest distinction by World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine Brussels. My special interest in reversing Diabetes led me to earn a certification in Reversing Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance with Lifestyle Medicine from Rush University USA also accredited from American college of lifestyle Medicine. I also hold diploma in Functional Medicine from University of functional medicine, USA. I have  vast experience in the field of Diabetes and has worked as a diabetologist with one of the largest chain of diabetes clinics (lifespan diabetes clinics) in India and helped people in reversing Diabetes with many diabetes reversal programs running in the country. I also  served as a VP clinical services with Breathe well being and has helped many people reverse their diabetes.  Focusing on bioidentical hormone treatments, mindfulness based cognitive therapy,  nutritional therapies, stress management, dietary improvements and recent advances in anti-aging medicine. I help my   patients to gradually wean from conventional therapies depending on the responses. i am  an active member of World society of Anti-Aging Medicine, Brussels. I believes in reversal of chronic lifestyle disorders with his multidisciplinary approach and his formulations which he has crafted from his clinical knowledge and vast experience.  

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